Academic Appeals

An academic appeal is essentially a request for the decision of an Examination Board to be reviewed. There are limited grounds for appeal and deadlines apply. Academic appeals are a last resort. The University's ‘Fit to Sit’ policy makes it more difficult to have personal circumstances considered after you have decided to go ahead with an exam or assessment.

Any extenuating circumstances should be reported as soon as possible under the Deferral (form DA1) or Extenuating Circumstances (form EC1) procedures.

Note: getting an AP1 completed properly, and submitting it on time, to the right person, is YOUR responsibility.

Academic Appeal Forms (AP1) are available from My.Napier. Deadlines apply and the University is unlikely to accept a late appeal unless there are very good reasons for doing so. The website also gives guidance on the grounds for appeal and the appeal procedure.

An academic appeal is a formal process and you are strongly advised to contact our free, confidential advice service for an appointment (0131 229 8791 or e-mail, before submitting an AP1 Form.

Our fully trained advisers can provide information about the procedure and help you draft your appeals.