Complaints Procedure


Life being what it is, things can go wrong at various times. You might find a problem arising such as:

  • Lack of necessary Edinburgh Napier University resources to help your studies
  • Slow action to do a repair in your student accommodation
  • Clash of exam timetabling
  • Inadequate teaching/preparation for an exam
  • Being harassed or bullied………
Top tip: get advice from one of our advisers before complaining formally!

Edinburgh Napier University has a student charter which sets out what it expects of you and what you can expect of the university. 

Edinburgh Napier University also has an official complaints procedure

The university expects everyone to try and resolve things at the lowest level possible in the first instance. This is generally a good principle as everyone can be left feeling ok about the situation at the end of the informal chat.

Nonetheless, you may feel that your situation is very serious or you do not feel safe so it is important to talk to someone as soon as possible.

So if you are acting on your own behalf only……

  • Think about talking to your PDT or programme leader. Write down your points so you do  not forget anything
  • Or, on academic matters, have a chat with your programme rep (they should be listed on moodle) to see if they have experience to offer you or if they can take up your concern
  • Failing either of above, talk to ENSA Advice who can go with you to meet your PDT/PL if you wish us to. E-mail for an appointment.
  • If the informal approach does not work and/or the problem persists, then a more formal approach may be necessary. Talk first to ENSA Advice or the University Complaints Officer (ACCO) Either of these can help to find a resolution.

Collective/class complaints:

  • Find out who your Programme Rep is (on moodle) and let them know your concerns: be specific and evidence what you are all saying. Reps are trained by ENSA in how to take things forward at class level
  • As a last resort your class can approach ENSA VP for Reps and Volunteers

Official formal complaints must be submitted on a CP1 form. You are advised to get help with this from ENSA Advice (call 0131 229 8791 for an appointment) or the University Complaints Officer