©Rachel Lawrie 2015Expeditions can be one of the most exciting parts of your Duke of Edinburgh award. From planning to execution, they offer challenges that you've probably never faced before, and for many, end up being the experience of a lifetime.

You can download the Introduction to Expeditions PowerPoint presentation here.

What is a DofE Expedition?

Your expedition takes place in a group of between 4 and 7 people, all of whom have to be on the same award level as yourself. Working together, and under the advisement of our trained and experienced supervisor, your group will travel across open countryside, sleep out in tents, and navigate your way home with map and compass.

A lot of groups do their Expedition on foot, but you can mountain bike, canoe, sail, skateboard, or even ride a horse as your mode of transport. If you use a wheelchair, the DofE has a fully motorised wheelchair we can borrow which will get you up even the most imposing of hills.

The Duke of Edinburgh award has 20 conditions that all expeditions must meet, but some of the basics are:

  • You camp outside every night you're there - luckily in Scotland there are loads of places to wild camp
  • You pick where to go - we're lucky to have some beautiful wild country on our doorstep to explore on an expedition, but you can go anywhere in the world
  • You decide on an expedition aim, which can be anything from collecting scientific data to performance art
  • You carry everything you need with you - so make sure you pack the right things

Due to weather conditions and daylight, the expedition season runs from March - October only.

Preparing for an Expedition


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