Started in School? Finish at University!

Started at school? Finish at Uni!dofe_banner

Whether you're in the middle of completing an award, or have done your Bronze or Silver and want to go up a level, ENSA can help you get through it.

Phone - 0131 229 8791

Got a paper booklet you've been working through?

Just bring your book in to a meeting with the DofE Co-ordinator so we can check your progress and work out if you need new assessors.

Got an account on eDofE?

We can transfer you so the Leaders at ENSA can see your record. You just need your eDofE number (but if you've forgotten it we can probably find it out).

In the middle of an award?

If you have any sections completed already, make sure you have your assessors reports for those sections. You may need to chase up your old organisation if any are missing. Sections you've started but not finished can be transferred to us and we'll help you find a new assessor.

Completed your Bronze or Silver and want to move up a level?

If you've completed your Bronze or Silver award and want to go on to the next level then we can get you started!

Just arrange a chat with the DofE Co-ordinator and bring your eDofE number or completed booklet along with you.

If you've completed Bronze, you can go directly to Gold, however this will take the longer time of 18 months, rather than 12.

Completed you Gold award?

Congratulations! Have a look at our DofE Volunteering page to see if you could help run the DofE programme for your fellow students.


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