Daniel Hughes for Activities Officer

DanielName: Daniel Hughes
Running for: Sighthill Campus Officer
Course: Bsc Sport and Exercise Science
Year: 4
Matric: 40273268

Hey guys, Daniel here. I’m a 4th year student studying sports science at the Sighthill Campus. I’m looking to run for the position of Activities Officer as I feel as though I have a lot to offer the University and can help to continue the constant progress that has been made over the past few years to ensure students have the best experience of Edinburgh Napier that they could receive.

I have a lot of experience in university sports, and I am currently the President of the basketball club, so I know how to handle myself in a position of responsibility. I believe that the clubs and societies available to students are a big part of what is making Napier more and more attractive for people to choose to come and study. My main focus would be looking at the ways that we can improve the facilities at Napier to allow for all clubs and societies to continue to grow and succeed, and to open the door for new ones to be founded.

I have a lot of experience in events management, including completing a weeklong course in Groningen, Netherlands, therefore I believe that I have the skill set and the knowledge necessary to help the current ENSA team make their events, such as Freshers Week even better than they already are!

If you’re looking for a passionate, capable and dedicated person to take on the role of Activities Officer, then a vote for me will go a long way towards ensuring that is exactly what you get.

Cheers troops x


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