Kirsty Bryce for Merchiston Campus Officer

kirstyName: Kirsty Bryce
Running for: Merchiston Campus Officer
Course: MSc Computing 
Year: 1
Matric: 40451875

My name is Kirsty Bryce. I am currently studying MSc Computing and I’m running for the role of Campus Officer. My goals as Campus Officer include: promoting diversity of all kind,
highlighting and empowering women in STEM fields, encouraging better access to mental health support, listening to and empathizing with everyone, and giving each student a voice
and a place on campus.

Over the last year, I was the class representative for my previous course and I developed key managerial and interpersonal skills that helped me connect with and support my fellow students. I would like to use these same skills in my role as Campus Officer. I am very passionate about social issues and aim to create a space of inclusivity and equality throughout the whole campus.

I studied audio engineering during my undergraduate studies and I found that I was the only woman on my course, so promoting the STEM fields to more women is a cause close to my heart. I hope that every student can be limitless in what they choose to pursue academically and professionally, so I hope that with support and encouragement this can help people achieve their dreams.

I also believe that the university should be a collaborative space where people from different backgrounds, origins, and specializations can come together and create great things. It’s for this reason that the university should take into account students’ needs and desires and continue to improve and provide the best possible learning experience for students.

Education is one of the most important and meaningful things in people’s lives, so it mustn't disappoint. For this, it is important to listen to students above all else.


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