Georgia Moran for VP Sports and Societies

georgiaName: Georgia Moran
Running for: Vice President Sports & Societies
Course: BA Popular Music
Year: 4
Matric: 40169865
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Hi, I’m Georgia Moran and I am a BA Popular Music student who lives for Team Napier. Since coming to Napier, I have carried out many different roles such as Women’s Hockey President for two years, ENSA Sport Exec for two years, ENSA Champion, Student Rep for three years, and ENSA Activities officer this year.

I have developed skills such as organisation, communication, patience, teamwork, approachability, and honesty. Being Hockey President has shown me everything that is essential for the running of a sports team and this will help me to run and help out every single sport & society. Being Activities Officer has shown me how ENSA works and how the ENSA Exec is run, which is valuable as if elected, I will be going in as an experienced member of the Exec team.

Through my role of sport exec, I have helped past VP’s with events such as varsity and sports & societies ball, as well as running a Team Napier Sports day last year.

I have put a lot of effort into my role as Activities Officer, projects I have been heavily involved in are the running of Fresher’s Week and Welcome Back Week. I have also built a strong relationship with the Student Union (Three Sisters). I started an open mic night at the union for Napier students which has been successful.

If I am elected this year, I will focus on securing reliable sponsorship as well as fundraising. I want to develop coaching/umpiring path ways and stay on top of all sports fixtures and both sports and society events. In general, I want to get more students involved and unite the sports and societies. You should elect me because through all of this experience I have learned how ENSA works and I love Team Napier.


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