Sagar KC for President

sagarName: Sagar KC
Running for: President
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 1
Matric: 40272604
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I am an articulation and transition student who came from Edinburgh College. I currently pursuing my postgraduate in MBA Leadership Practice.

My journey of student representation started from Edinburgh College. I have been involved with ENSA for 3 years and represented it as Campus Officer for Business School and Academic Board Committee Representative. Whilst, I was actively involved in volunteering with the university and in the local community, I had an opportunity to meet and work with university academic staff members, external student union and various charitable organisations.

Last year I was elected as Secretary of Eurotalk Society. This role helped me to understand the responsibilities that underlie while running societies; the support and guidance we receive from students, ENSA and university. In addition, I am also involved as Treasurer of Nepal Scotland Association where I received an opportunity to raise funding and oversee international development projects.

Student mental health will be my number one priority. Research shows that it is an increasingly difficult area which is not being addressed properly. Within our university, I feel that there is room for improvement when it comes to providing support to students who face difficult times.

If elected as President, I will

  • Work with university to provide support to Articulation and transition student
  • Campaign for more funding for student union; and increased funds for sports and societies resources and participation
  • Continue fighting for free Wednesday afternoons
  • Promote online submission for coursework throughout all campuses
  • Ensure students get sufficient career and employability support from university
  • Improve the Postgraduate representation structure and to help PGT students feel supported in their studies.
  • Continue to push the university to improve quality and price of foods served in our cafeterias

Your vote is your voice.

Vote Sagar for new Leadership, for Better ENSA!


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