Ankit Duggal for VP Reps & Volunteers

ankitName: Ankit Duggal
Running for: Vice President Reps & Volunteers
Course: MSc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 1
Matric: 40342397

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I am studying MSc in Computing with Professional Placement and actively participating as a Campus Officer at Merchiston campus and try to account of student representation and improving the student experience for the students at our campus. 

I believe that the Vice President (VP) for Representatives and Volunteers is a prominence supervision role to represent the voice of students and improving the student experience in University. I would love to be a part of it and my primary aim is to develop the community spirit within our University through working with the Representatives and society members.

I am confident to engage with students and get them actively involved in modelling their own student experience. My ambition is to increase communication between the Students’ Union and the student body to effort and deliver everyone with regular updates on what the Students' Union is doing to improve the experience of all students. I want to make sure, whether the student is a fresher or a final year, a student should gain some lifelong memories to take away.

I am enthusiastic on making sure that ENSA continues to campaign and lead on issues which matter the most to our students such as the rise in tuition fees, safety of our students on and off our campuses, housing & accommodation, Car parking charges and library facilities and its opening times, especially during exam periods. Furthermore, I would like to organise some bicycle workshops that can help students to have detail repairs with their bicycle. I will continue to work alongside the University as well as the rest of the Student Union executive to ensure that all the needs of the Students are being met in addition to that our students get the best deal in student life experience as well as in education.


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