Asma Qazi for Craiglockhart Campus Officer

asmaName: Asma Javed Qazi
Running for: Craiglockhart Campus Officer
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 1
Matric: 40341673

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My name is Asma Javed Qazi and I am currently studying in 1st year of MBA (Leadership and Practice) in Edinburgh Napier University Business School.

During my university days, my Leadership skills were well appreciated, and I have been elected as a Student Body President.

As a business student I will be studying my degree course in Craiglockhart Campus. A bit about my past, before coming here, I have worked with a Turkish organisation as an ECA (Extra Curricular Activities) Head for 6 years. It was a Non-Profit Organisation working for orphans and poor families. I had several duties such as arranging team building activities. Also, I was assigned to be spokesperson between several organisations.

I have worked as a Principal for 4 years (of a private high school) in Pakistan. Working with this organisation, gave me the confidence to deal with other organisations in an international level. Since my duty as a Principal was to look over the students, teachers, other staff and the overall well-being of the school, I know I have the ability to be a leader. I decided to go for this volunteer position of Campus Officer at Craiglockhart campus, because, that is the way I will be able learn and help other students by working with the ENSA.

With my past experience and the help of the Edinburgh Napier Students' Association, I am confident that I will be able to perform my responsibilities in an effective manner. The main aim I have is to bridge the gap between students, also, students and student, so students can get more involved with the association. I ensure that I will do my best to assist the students of Craiglockhart Campus to get the facilities provided.

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