Irfan Ahmad for Craiglockhart Campus Officer

irfanName: Irfan Ahmad
Running for: Craiglockhart Campus Officer
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 1
Matric: 40415827

My name is Irfan Ahmad. I am studying MBA (Leadership Practice) at Craiglockart campus of Edinburgh Napier University. My matriculation number is 40415827.

Dear students, I am running for the post of Campus Officer at Craiglockart campus. I am passionate to work for the position where I can deliver people and solve their issues. I believe that you will not change anything if you do not try.  If you want something done properly, you have got to do it yourself. My beliefs force me to do something and that’s why I decided to contest.      

I believe strongly that elected as a campus officer I can represent and solve student issues in a perfect way. I assure students that you will find me on ground actively for students' wellbeing. After winning election, I will be among them whenever they needed. I will conduct weekly session for student where they can tell their problems and we together find the solution. Students can contact me through e-mail as well and I will respond them and put their suggestions in meeting. I want to communicate more and more with students to understand what their real issues are in order to effectively represent them to higher authorities.   

International students are asset of Napier University and I find initially they face a lot of problems and they need more care. After winning I will provide them guidance, facilitation and proper advice. International students need motivation and through motivation one can used to with the native environment. I will encourage national and international students to involve in activities and groups to learn, discover and enjoy themselves.


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