Jonathan Fraser for President

jonathanName: Jonathan Fraser
Running for: President
Course: MSc Sports Performance Enhancement
Year: Graduated
Matric: 40057345

After being in the role of Student President for 8 months I feel that I finally have a grasp on the job as a whole. The great depth of the role makes it hard for incoming officers to fully complete all pieces of their manifesto.

During my term as Student President I have managed to accomplish many of the points on my manifesto, completed a whole host of things I never thought I would have set out to do, and realised some things are unable or unlikely to change.

This first year within the role has prepared me greatly for what to expect next year and where to effectively spend my time and set my sights at improving student experience within Napier.

I feel the major aspect of this job surrounds communication, with ENSA and university staff and the relationships you make with them. Thus far in my term I have managed to make great relationships with a number of key staff inside and outside of the Students' Association.

Further, I feel I understand the demands of the role, the ever-changing scenarios which the job entails suit my working style and I feel this year I have accomplished a great deal, in such a short timescale.

If I was to get re-elected I would continue working on such campaigns as;

  • Student mental health – wellbeing initiatives.
  • Feel Fab Feb > Feel Fab Fridays.
  • Improvements in campus social spaces.
  • Pushing the new ENSA constitution through a referendum.
  • Campaign against gender based violence.
  • Building key relationships with university staff members.
  • Promoting ENSA on a university wide scale.
  • Promoting the ‘Get home safe campaign’ securing sponsors from local taxi companies for travel late at night.
  • Improvements in health and wellbeing throughout the university.

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