Juliane Tollkuehn for VP Reps & Volunteers

julianeName: Juliane Tollkuehn
Running for: Vice President Reps & Volunteers
Course: BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management & Tourism
Year: 4
Matric: 40182167

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Before you read what I plan to do as your VP Reps and Volunteers, just a bit about myself:

  • 4th year Hospitality/Tourism Management student
  • Acted as a rep myself during all 4 years in higher education
  • Volunteered on several Approval Boards at ENU in 2018
  • Participated in the “Students as Colleagues” Programme 18/19
  • Joined Napier Women’s Football team + various societies

ENSA is all about getting students involved during their time at University, to encourage this more I will:

  1. Promote rep positions at the start of academic terms
  2. Help provide training to ensure you are well equipped in the role as a rep
  3. Continue to host regular drop-ins at all 3 campuses as ongoing assistance
  4. Support volunteering activities and proper certification to maximise benefits

Balancing the pressures of academic success, health and happiness can be tough, but through the rep system we can help everyone to get the support they need. Getting advice on academic issues and better guidance to available support will make everyone’s experience at Edinburgh Napier enjoyable and meaningful.

DIRECT – As a direct entrant from college myself I understand what it feels like to join ENU later. I want to make sure all you guys feel integrated as well.

DIVERSE  I grew up in Germany, lived in Canada and Australia for a number of years. Having such an international student base here is a great opportunity when working together on big issues.  

DRIVEN – I want everyone to reach their full potential during their time at university. If you have any ideas and suggestions that would help you and others, I want to hear them and make sure they become reality!

Let me help ensure you are being represented fairly and effectively!

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