Udit Agarwal for President

uditName: Udit Agarwal
Running for: President
Course: BSc(Hons) Computing
Year: 2
Matric: 40344137

My name is Udit Agarwal, I am currently studying B.Sc. Computing (Honors) at Edinburgh Napier University, based at Merchiston Campus. I am currently working as a campus officer at ENSA. I’ve developed exceptional problem-solving, teamworking and communication skills at University through academic work and extra-curricular activities. I’m passionate about innovation and technology and I enjoy solving problems in the real world and helping people.

In 2018, by working as a Campus Officer, I have proposed improvement of smoking facilities at Merchiston campus to solve the problem of passive smoking. Also, I made a proposal for lecture recordings to improve learning and retaining of information. However, as a result of lack of authority, I could only propose them in the student executive meetings, and I was not able to bring any significant changes to my proposals.

As of 2019, I would like to run for the post of Student President in order to make actions on my previous proposals as well as propose some more improvements this year as well. My proposals include, to extensively support Post Study Work Visa Campaign and bring changes to implementation of mental health campaign by ENSA in order to reach out a greater number of people effectively.

My key strengths include but are not limited to listening carefully and asking more questions, critical thinking and problem solving. I am dedicated towards completing my goals and tasks on time and not postpone them for the next day. I am inspired by people like Elon Musk who are dedicated to improve themselves, world around them and learn by reading books and listening to people.

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