Ahsan Farooq for President

ahsanName: Ahsan Farooq
Running for: President
Course: MSc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 1
Matric: 40958919

I am Ahsan Farooq I am running for the position of President of our ENSA. Our ENSA is brilliant in so many ways, but I believe it can be even better. We need a fresh approach that offers new solutions to old problems, and I am confident that I can provide this.

Throughout every section of manifesto I have focused on new creative ideas. I am really passionate about improving our Students Union and services it provides and would love it if you voted for me and allowed me to make the changes that we need!
As Student President it will be my aim to ensure that all students' voices are heard.

Secondly, I aim to develop the community spirit within our University and increase our reputation within Scotland and United Kingdom. By working with the Sports Officer and society members I hope to promote sport & society fundraisers, upcoming fixtures and ENSA events to get as many people involved as possible. Furthermore, I want to be remembered as a student president who pursued the wishes of the students and accomplished many great things. As student president, I would bring leadership, commitment and creativity to the role along with a strong work ethic and positive mental attitude.

I will organise cultural events to celebrate our diverse student population and also encourage all students, in societies, in groups of any kind, to hold showcases of their interests and encourage support from other students and societies to attend and to promote strong university community.
Finally, I will ensure that all three campuses are represented equally. I will spend time at all campuses in order to assemble the points of view of all students.

With your vote and support, I will represent you effectively and go the extra mile to make you smile

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