Ali Tariq Khan for Merchiston Campus Officer

aliName: Ali Tariq Khan
Running for: Merchiston Campus Officer
Course: Msc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 1
Matric: 40458499

Why I’m standing?

Academia is more than just learning, its passion.

I have seen firsthand devasting effects that the lack of support can have on students, I feel passionately about knocking down the barriers that are too often stopping students achieving their aspirations.

As a student, I personally dealt with number of different hurdles, from extenuating circumstances to lack of resources. I was lucky to have exceptional advice and guidance throughout, however this is not the case for all the students, who are frequently letting down. I will work to ensure all students have constant support and direction

Elect me and you will see your education and your voice at very center of everything I do; because students are name not numbers.

Empowering the students Voice

  1. Course mentors
  2. Setting up second hand books stall for every student
  3. Make iNapier app more helpful for the students where they can get notified when lecture or tutorial get uploaded.

Work with student Reps and Students to make the system work for all

  1. Create an anonymous platform, available for all students, to remove fear of giving negative feedback. In addition to this create an online forum for student reps, for them to share experience and advice.

Increased Support for international students and our students based across the globe
Following on with a focus on internationalization and culture development, hope to increase and enhance international student experience.

  1. Work with students in Merchiston campus to develop student voice to make it effective and beneficial for all the students
  2. Proceed to evolve services available for language development, increasing social opportunities as well as subject specific skills
  3. Ensure regular face to face support for areas of concern.

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