Anikit Duggal for President

ankitName: Ankit Duggal
Running for: President
Course: MSc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 2
Matric: 40342397

I am running for President this year as I would like to continue representing the students and make sure that the overall student experience continues to improve year on year.

Why to Vote ANKIT?

I have served ENSA as Campus officer and currently working as a Vice president for Reps & Volunteers.  I worked on the issues and concerns raised by Programme Reps & students. I wish to continue and complete the initiatives that I have started last year such as Lecture Recording, Wellbeing and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

I would like to extend my work to increase interactions between our new, returning, transition and international students to promote a better campus culture. This can be achieve through working on community spirit within our University by means of Representatives, clubs and society members. I believe improved relationships will not only improve the social experience at university but will have a positive impact on the academic and learning experiences. 

A social space & better Campus Facilities such as Student Common Room 

Working with Gardening club and sustainability team for better climate also contribute to Carbon neutrality.

Organise additional activities to promote healthy living & wellbeing that I learned from predecessors such as Feel Fab Feb.

Working on save Erasmus campaign so that home students can benefit for international study experience as well.

Participated to campaigns that resulted in Post Study Work Permit for international students from next year, although still working on a petition to include the current students as well.

Campus Parking have been long-standing problems not only for students but staff as well. Working on a project to develop a Bike hire eco reward scheme, introduced a paper in Committee. Assisted some Bike workshops for check-up, small repair & would like to extend to detail repairs.

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