Heloisa Fyfe for VP Reps & Volunteers

heloisaName: Heloisa Fyfe
Running for: VP Reps & Volunteers
Course: BA (Hons) International Festival and Event Management with Language
Year: 4
Matric: 40284636

My name is Heloisa and I am running for Vice President for Reps and Volunteers. I am graduating from a BA in 'International Festival and Event Management with Language’ this year.

I have been a programme representative for my course 2 years in a row and I want to become an ENSA officer to continue improving the student experience at Napier.

In my past role as a student representative, I have organised social events within my course but also career events in partnership with local businesses. If elected, I wish to continue and develop the initiatives and campaigns that the current ENSA officers have been working on.

As the Vice President for Reps and Volunteers, I mainly want to focus on:

  • Supporting programme reps by being a main point of contact, hosting trainings and meetings to discuss pending issues but also by organising social events.
  • Finding an increasing number of interesting and unique volunteering opportunities for students.
  • Increasing community spirit by organising more events within the University and the Student Union (such as film screenings, game nights, potlucks, talent shows, pub quizzes etc)
  • Developing a more inclusive environment for exchange students and direct entrants through events and a buddy/mentor system.
  • Making flat hunting easier by creating a group through which Napier students can advertise spare rooms, find flats and share accommodation with each other.
  • Creating a more ecologically sustainable university experience through workshops, events and partnerships with sustainable organisations and businesses.
  • Pushing measures to help the University reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

I am a very organised and proactive person and will make sure to do everything I can to make the Napier student experience as enjoyable as possible for as many people as possible.

Long live the microwave in the cafeteria!

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