Irfan Ahmad for VP Sports & Socs

irfanName: Irfan Ahmad
Running for: President
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 2
Matric: 40415827

I am from craiglockart business school and doing MBA leadership. I am in my second year now. I enjoy my studies and engaging students. I am contesting the ENSA elections for the post of vice president sports and societies. I decided to contest because I believe that I have the potential for leading and delivering students towards their best. Second big reason to contest particularly for sports and societies is my passion and love for sports engagement in societies.

Along studies extra circular activities are quite significant for mental and physical health. Sports and societies plays an important role for this purpose. My aim is to involve maximum number of students in different activities and take measures to encourage them. I want to play an effective role in this regard and make clubs and societies proactive. I will bring a fresh perspective and interesting ideas and have the energy to make things happen. I will continue to promote the university and its sporting excellence at every opportunity. I will work with the students to determine how we define success in the societies which in turn will enable us to set clear and achievable goals. This will provide us with a stronger case to present when applying for funding. Napier students come from different countries all over the world. Through participation in sports and societies provides a path of being closeness to each other and develop true friendship. I want to make student’s life fun and memorable experience throughout their life.                                                                           

I am a dedicated, passionate and approachable person and I promise that if elected I will do everything in my power to further the development of sport and societies at the Napier University. I feel great honour to be elected for this post and represent students.

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