Lewis Grant for President

lewisName: Lewis Grant
Running for: President
Course: Sports and Exercise Science
Year: 4
Matric: 40275920

Hi! My name is Lewis Grant and I’m running for the role of student president. To be elected for the position would be a great honour and something I would put 110% of my efforts into. I have been president of the men’s football club for the last 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed the role whilst gaining many valuable skills.

Through personal experience, it’s fair to say students face many problems and obstacles during their time at university. You yourself reading this may be going through something at this very moment. I want to make sure students graduate Napier feeling like they have enjoyed their time here and take it as my responsibility to ensure this by listening to any and all issues and taking action on your behalf.

Jon Fraser has done a fantastic job over the last two years and I genuinely believe I am best suited to continuing – and improving – the foundation he has set due to my driven, professional and positive personality. I’m more than comfortable when speaking in front of groups of people which will be important for getting your views and issues across to the university hierarchy.

Here are some issues I would like to address:

  • Improving awareness of mental health services around the university and ensuring the wellbeing of students is a focus for the university.
  • “Feel Fab Feb” is a brilliant event and I would like it a more regular thing by introducing a greater focus on wellbeing - not just one month.
  • The undeniable positive impact of Team Napier clubs and societies for students is drastically underestimated and I would like to promote this impact and gain a larger funding.
  • A greater promotion of LGBTQ history month by increasing social media coverage and awareness.

Please vote myself as student president!

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