Muhammad Bodrul Husain for VP Sports & Socs

muhammadName: Muhammad Bodrul Husain
Running for: VP Sports & Socs
Course: Msc International Human Resource Management
Year: 1
Matric: 40451630

Hi my name is Muhammad Bodrul Husain (Habib), student of MSC Human resource management, I want to running for the position of vice president for sports and societies because sports and societies take a remarkable part of student life, its offer to the students get extra curriculum skill by working as a team that they will impose in their employment life .

I have experience of vice president of leading university sports club. I work in this club for 4 years also I was the senior executive of the banned community. I was the delegate of UNHRC (2017). I believe those experience will help me to develop the following skill as well as make me an ideal candidate for vice president for sports and societies

If elected I would aim to:

Work as a team also work as student voice to ensure students rights as well as working within ENSA and with the University and other partners and organisations, such as BUCS and SSS. I work for fund raising and sponsorship for sports and societies and support to individual club to raise their fund activities. Hold a new serious of event aimed at getting more people involved in sports and societies to increase outreach and reputation. I will work with the clubs and societies to shape the student experience of competitive and recreational sport and society activities as well as office holders and ENSA staff team and work with the suppliers and providers to obtain the best value deals for teams and societies.

I think these aims will have positive impact on vice president for sports and societies .

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contract with me to ask any question about my ideas by contacting me on

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