Nikhil Reddy for VP Sports & Socs

nikhilName: Nikhil Reddy
Running for: VP Sports & Socs
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 1
Matric: 40478367

Sports and Societies Vice President is a role which requires commitment and organisation, as well as a drive to promote everything about ENSA.

Having been a Students President back while doing my undergraduate degree, I know what it takes to organise events and I aim to broaden student participation in sports clubs and societies, actively identify and promote these activities throughout the year, especially encouraging participation among demographic groups that may not usually get involved.

I would maintain clear communication channels between the clubs and societies, to improve the scale and quality of student engagement with societies and clubs and also to convene sports and societies councils as well as consultataive forums during the year to maintain effective relationships with sports and society club office holders.

I promise to support the shared goals of the student executive committee and provide pratical support and guidance to it’s part time members, attend designated committees and meetings as ENSA representatives and contribute to designated fund raising activities.

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