Prashant Goyal for Sighthill Campus Officer

prashantName: Prashant Goyal
Running for: Sighthill Campus Officer
Course: MSc Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science
Year: 1
Matric: 40457054

Being a campus officer I shall be able to address the problems being faced by students to the council and possible solutions for them. It’s a volunteer job and will also help me develop leadership skills for my future endeavours.

There is nothing more important than activities at the university, which not just allows you to have a great time, but also prepares you for the future. I would like to work with the careers department to put on open lectures for all students to attend which can prepare you for your future.

I will be accessible to students throughout the day, making sure I am integrating with the students during lunch, allowing them to see that I’m there for them whenever they might need me.

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