Raj Muhammad for VP Sports & Socs

rajName: Raj Muhammad
Running for: VP Sports & Socs
Course: MSc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 1
Matric: 40458367

I am Raj Muhammad I am running for the position of Vice President of our ENSA. My manifesto is working progressively within the work environment. I would like to work for the welfare at union level and beyond. I will work to increase the unity between the diverse student bodies in the university. I will try to make sure that I represent all the students from all different backgrounds. I will make sure that I give voice to all the issues important to the students. At this level of responsibility I pledge to attend and communicate with all the committees which fall under the remit of the Vice President. This would allow me to pass on the information of all the needs of the students for the improvement of the university. For welfare issues; I will promote the Students' Union, Advice Service on campus on a regular basis.

As vice president my aim will be more emphasis on fundraising (for charities and for own benefit, e.g. to fund a trip). Whether it's a society, a sports club, a class, or just a group of students who want to arrange something for charity - you will have my full support and encouragement.

Empowerment- Students should know that their voice is valued and can make a difference. If elected I want to help you enhance your skills and confidence to make the changes that you want to see here and build a strong network of education activists.

I deeply care about education and want to make sure we all gain the best possible experience whilst here , if you feel similarly to me and would like to see someone like myself able to make a difference then please consider me for Vice President of the Students.

Thank You.

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