Uppalapati Sai Kowshik for Merchiston Campus Officer

uppalapatiName: Uppalapati Sai Kowshik 
Running for: President
Course: Msc Computing with Professional Placement
Year: 1
Matric: 40458112

Good morning to all the people present over here. As some of you know I am Uppalapati sai kowshik. I am Pursuing MSc Computing with professional placement. I’m contesting for the post campus officer. Basically I am not here to make empty promises. All I can just assure you is I’ll put my efforts full-fledged and keep up my assurance... I’ll for sure try to solve your problems if I can. or else I put forth them to higher authorities and make sure for the progress of our college. See all this r just words. seems to be fake. But I’ll try my level best to prove it in my actions. Not just me its our responsibility so lets all work together and I’ll be your representative. If you truly trust me your vote is already in my ballet !♥

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