Zohaib Noor for VP Reps & Volunteers

zohaibName: Zohaib Noor
Running for: VP Reps & Volunteers
Course: MBA Leadership Practice
Year: 2
Matric: 40187068

My Name is Zohaib Noor, current craiglockhart campus officer studying MBA (Leadership Practice) running to be your Vice President for Reps and Volunteers.

During my 5 years in Napier, I have faced various issues that both home and international students can relate to.

My experiences in Napier includes:

  1. Helping Napier students with campaigns including Nepal earthquake and stopping deportation.
  2. As a founding member of PostStudyWorkVisaNow Campaign, we secured Post Study Work Visa for our international students after years of campaigning.
  3. Represented Napier University at NUS conference as its delegate discussing our issues in UK level.
  4. Raising issues such as microwaves, lecture capture and accommodation.

If elected, I will:

  1.  Campaign for proper mental health support for students including meditation, puppy therapy sessions and provide mental health training workshops.
  2.  Campaign for better feedback as well as lecture capture and provide shutter bus connecting all 3 campuses forming academic groups with both home and international from all departments.
  3.  As the founding member of PostStudyWorkVisaNow, I will continue the fight for Post study whilst ensuring more support for international and EU students post-Brexit including Erasmus programmes and campaign for full time International officer.
  4.  Campaign to end the cash cow treatment, fee cap and fee freezes as well as create 0 tolerance policy against racism, homophobia and misogyny.
  5. Stand in Solidarity with our lecturers supporting EIS and UCEA strikes as lecturers working conditions are our living conditions. 
  6. Reform programme rep system providing more resources and tools to do their jobs effectively whilst providing them rep hoodies, discount cards!
  7. Fix the National Insurance Card issues, better housing and relevant job opportunities.

Vote for Zohaib #1– for ENSA VP for Reps and Volunteers.

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