Ekamdeep Singh Bumra

ekamdeepName: Ekamdeep Singh Bumra
Running for: Co-President for Sport & Wellbeing
Course: BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics
Year: 2
Matric: 40506816

  • Would aim to reduce the cost of sports club memberships which will result in more potential student participation.
  • I will diligently work towards making the accommodation cheaper and more affordable in accordance with the student budget.
  • Would establish a diversity and inclusion committee for every Sports club.
  • Introduce CPR courses for all club committees and captains. Fight for every heartbeat.
  • Would aim towards making the best quality and quantity of Mental Health resources available for students especially LGBTQ+ students and sexually assaulted survivors.
  • Source more sponsors for our sports clubs.
  • Aim to generate and accommodate more jobs for students on campus and help students in finding jobs off-campus as well.
  • Introducing different activities classes at Gym like Circuits, CrossFit, HIIT, etc. to encourage more students to join the gym too.


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