Opeyemi Akindehin for Co-President Education & Employability

OpeyemiName: Opeyemi Akindehin
Running for: Co-President for Education & Employability
Course: MSc Environmental Sustainability 
Year: Postgraduate
Matric: 40604093

Hey, you!  My name is Opeyemi Akindehin. I know it’s a mouthful, so you can just call me Ope (pronounced Or-peh). I am an M.Sc. student of Environmental Sustainability and I come from a very big family (family of eight). I believe growing up in such a large family has helped shaped who I am today, it gave me an insight into people, behavioural management, tolerance, and love! 

I’m applying for the role of Co-President for Education and Employability because being the present programme representative of my course has allowed me to not only experience learning issues, but communicate with students on these issues, and determine how learning can be easier. I plan to work with all programme representatives to determine these issues and with help from the school management, tackle these issues when I take on the role of the Co-President for Education and Employability.  

I have experienced firsthand the fear students, especially international students, face when it comes to getting a good and well-paying job immediately after school and I plan to eradicate that fear. I want every student to be confident enough to get their dream job at the end of their studies.  

I plan to work hand in hand with lecturers and the student futures team to set up important workshops, industry visits, seminars and mentorships to fully equip students in the graduate employment market and to also make students visible to stakeholders, employers, and companies in their respective fields.   

I promise to be the voice of ALL students, relaying your concerns about learning and general academic experiences to the school management.  

Vote for me and make learning easier! 

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