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Minimalism Challenge - How's It Going?

Minimalism Challenge - How's It Going?

Wednesday 21 October 2020
8pm - 8:30pm
Facebook Live / Youtube Live


Listen to Heloisa (ENSA's VP for Reps and Volunteers) and the Edinburgh Napier Sustainable Society chat live about their experience of the 21-day 21-item minimalism challenge! It's been 14 days since the start of the challenge - find out what it's been like (hint: more challenging than expected for some).

Minimalism encourages us to only live with items that we really need and take the first steps to move away from excess consumerism. This is really important for the planet as the less we consume and the less valuable resources are needed therefore reducing our carbon footprint. This is also great from the financial point of view - the less we have, the less we spend, and often, the less we desire as well!

Find out more about the challenge here.

This show will be broadcast live on Facebook and Youtube.

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