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Edinburgh Nightline's Alone Together Workshop

Edinburgh Nightline's Alone Together Workshop

Monday 26 October 2020
6pm - 7pm

“Alone Together”: Isolation, Homesickness, and Making a Home Away from Home

aloneThis is a free interactive workshop, run by Edinburgh Nightline, designed to be a platform for international students to share their struggles regarding culture shock and loneliness with one another, understand the processes and factors behind these feelings, and find ways to alleviate their homesickness.

Alone Together hopes to offer a space for international students to talk about the problems they might be facing after moving to Edinburgh in a pandemic with other like-minded individuals and to discuss ways they can feel more at home during these uncertain times.

If you are an international student who is struggling with homesickness, be sure to tune in!

For more info contact h.fyfe@napier.ac.uk.

You can join the Webex workshop here.

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