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Black History Month Photography Talk

Black History Month Photography Talk

Wednesday 28 October 2020
7pm - 8pm

Come and join us with a talk dedicated to learning more about black people in photography! 

We are going to explore fantastic work of Gordon Parks, Samuel Fosso and Alvin Baltrop.

Gordon Parks was an American photographer, born in Kansas in 1912. He became the first African American photographer to work for Life and Vogue magazine, he worked on fashion and documentary, focused on black representation and people considered as outlanders.

phototalkSamuel Fosso is a Cameroonian photographer that has worked for most of his career in CAR. He is recognized as one of Central Africa’s leading contemporary artists. His work focuses on expressing identity through self portraits which can be political and culturally important to Pan-African historical movements and the US Civil Rights Movement and more.

Alvin Baltrop spent days on end documenting gay life at the piers lining Manhattan’s west side.

You will be able to join the meeting at 7pm using this link.


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