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ENSA 50 - Big Meeting

ENSA 50 - Big Meeting

Thursday 01 April 2021
5pm - 6pm

Calling all current ENSA 50 members - we want to hear your thoughts on the ENSA 50! Join us for our big ENSA 50 meeting and have a say on what you would like the ENSA 50 to look like next year.

  • What has worked well?
  • What hasn't worked so well?
  • How would you see the ENSA 50 working under the new constitution? 
  • In what ways can the ENSA 50 be used to positively impact the student experience? 
  • How can we encourage more students to get involved in the ENSA 50? 

We'd love to hear any feedback you can give us. Tune in an share your views with us on Webex.

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