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Funding Deadline - Mountaineering Council of Scotland: Climbing and Mountaineering Bursary

Funding Deadline - Mountaineering Council of Scotland: Climbing and Mountaineering Bursary

Monday 27 February 2017
midnight - midnight

Mountaineering Council of Scotland - Climbing and Mountaineering Bursary


The Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) will award grants to expeditions with the objective of excellence and adventure. All expedition members must have MCofS membership.

Current Status
Open for Applications
Maximum value:

Objectives of Fund

The MCofS will award grants to expeditions whose objective is one of excellence and adventure.  Whether they be first ascents or first free ascents of routes in the greater ranges and little or unexplored mountain areas of the world, or similar pure rock or pure ice climbs in less remote settings but which are nonetheless worthy of international recognition. 


Value Notes

Approximately £4,000 is available each year for distribution to expeditions.  No minimum and maximum grant level is given, instead each application will be judged on its own needs and merits.


Match Funding Restrictions

The MCofS does not expect to provide more than a minor part of an expedition's finance.  Organisers of all expeditions applying for a grant should, therefore, bear in mind the limited resources and should be able to show that a large proportion of the estimated budget will be raised elsewhere, and that personal contributions are of an adequate size.


Who Can Apply

Individuals or teams of climbers and mountaineers in a wide range of mountaineering and climbing disciplines. Applicants must be MCofS Members over the age of 14.

The MCofS stresses that an expedition cannot apply or obtain both an MCofS and BMC grant.  The expedition members must decide whether they are a Scottish or a British expedition.  The MCofS will make an assessment as to the 'Scottish' nature of an expedition team on the basis of place of birth, resident addresses and/or whether the team members have a strong connection with the Scottish mountains and Scottish mountaineering.



The MCofS cannot provide assistance for expeditions which run into financial difficulty. Expeditions should, therefore, consider alternative support in the case of an emergency, since financial insolvency could damage the reputation of Scottish mountaineering and harm future expeditions.

Grants are not available for commercial or fee-paying expeditions, individuals, charity expeditions or guided expeditions.

A MCofS grant is not available if the expedition is already receiving a BMC grant.


Eligible Expenditure

The award is available to individuals or teams in the following disciplines:

  • Adventure Rock Climbing.
  • Adventure Winter Climbing.
  • Alpine Style Climbing.
  • Big Wall Style Climbing.
  • Himalayan Style Climbing.
  • Ski-mountaineering.
  • Sport Mixed Climbing.
  • Sport Rock Climbing.
  • Bouldering.
  • Competitive Climbing.

The award shall be made to individuals and teams undertaking some or all of the following objectives:

  • The pursuit of excellence or adventure in climbing and mountaineering.
  • The intent to achieve first ascents or first free ascents of climbs that are worthy of national and international recognition.
  • The exploration of new climbing/mountaineering venues.
  • The achievement of excellence through competitive performance.
  • To represent the country (Scotland) and MCofS at international level.

The awards will be given to applicants that aim to achieve the above objectives at any climbing venue in the world.


How To Apply

The application deadline is 28 February 2017.

Applications are made directly to the MCofS using the appropriate application form which is available from the MCofS website.

The screening committee reserves the right to interview applicants. If required, interviews will be carried out in March or April.

Award recipients must supply the following to the MCofS on completion of their objective:

  • The production of two reports to the MCofS; one to be lodge with sportscotland and one at the MCofS library and to be used for MCofS promotional material.
  • The production of an article based on the report for use by the MCofS on the website and in the magazine.
  • The delivery of a presentation (in various media formats) for the MCofS, if requested, either for internal use or at suitable MCofS (and independent) events.
  • The promotion of the MCofS to National and International organisations and climbers across the globe.


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