Event Description

Airsoft Game Day @ Section 8, Glasgow

Airsoft Game Day @ Section 8, Glasgow

Sunday 05 March 2017
7:30am - 5pm
Meet at Sighthill campus

Green fee tickets are for those who have their own Airsoft equipment.

Society Rental fee tickets are for those who need to hire Airsoft equipment from the society.

Airsoft is a military-themed action sport similar to paintball where opponents must eliminate each other by firing lightweight plastic BBs from low powered airsoft guns. Unlike paintball these plastic BBs do not contain paint, and they are propelled with much less energy than a paintball. There is no physical player to player contact in airsoft at Section 8.

We will meet at Sighthill Campus for the minibus at 7.30am and leave at 8am sharp. Don't be late!

Tickets must be bought as they will sell out. Ticket sales close at 1pm on Saturday 4th March.

We strongly recommend bringing a pair of boots with good ankle support and a change of clothes is advised. The game takes place in an outdoors, forest environment so expect to get muddy.

Section 8 is a UKARA approved site and has full liability insurance.

The world-famous airsoft-cameraman and videographer, ScoutTheDoggie has a channel of airsoft videos, most of which were filmed at Section 8. These will give first time players a good idea of what to expect.