Freshers Week 2018

There is only one official Edinburgh Napier Freshers Week!

We'll be bringing you a full week of entertainment to welcome you to student life. With top name DJs, spectacular nights out and some of Edinburgh's best attractions .... all at amazing prices, this is going to be one week you'll never forget!

Check out our Facebook Page for all the latest info!


There are plenty of fake groups and profiles appearing on social media, all wanting to sell you events or products from other companies. While some of these might be legit, others are simply there to steal your data and send you spam!

If you want to find other people who will be in your class or will be your new neighbours in student accommodation, join the only official chat group for #NapierFreshers18!

Remember - stay safe online! Protect your identity, don't give out personal details to strangers and only buy Freshers Week tickets and wristbands through our offcial Freshers Week pages!


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