Disruption to Studies

Unavoidable Disruption to Studies

TOP TIP: If in doubt, talk to ENSA Advice!

Sometimes you may be forced to miss an exam or assignment deadline for unavoidable reasons, such as illness, injury, a family crisis/bereavement or severe financial problems.

It is your responsibility to inform Edinburgh Napier University, through the Extenuating Circumstances Procedure (aka ECs/Fit to Sit), of any factors (personal or health) which could adversely affect your academic performance. Deadlines are applied and if you fail to submit the information on time the University is very unlikely to agree to take these factors into account at a later date. The information you supply will be treated in confidence and only viewed by the School Fit to Sit Officer in straightforward cases.

The Extenuating Circumstances/Fit to Sit ‘’stages’’ are all listed on MyNapier.

disruption to studies

Under the new EC rules about coursework, the first possibility is an extension. You should get in touch with your module or programme leader before the submission date.

For exams and for coursework where you cannot get, or have the maximum extensions, you can use the DA1 form to request a deferral of your assessment. This may have progress implications, and you should discuss this option with your PDT or course team.

If you have missed the dates for extension or deferral then it is possible to put in a retrospective EC form but you have to show why you are late putting this in.

For the DA1 or EC1 forms, you must obtain documentary evidence as proof of your circumstances by contacting a relevant professional such as your GP, a counsellor, a tutor or ENSA Advice. It is very important that you seek out help and support for difficulties you are experiencing and not to ignore the problem.

You should explain on theform, or in a covering letter, the nature of the problems experienced, which exams/assessments are/were affected and how the problems impacted on your academic performance. For example, you may not have had access to resource materials for a period of time because you were in hospital, or looking after sick dependants; or you may not have been able to study because you were on strong medication or were in distress for some reason. For help with any of the forms come and see an ENSA Adviser

If problems are ongoing, you should submit a new form for every trimester that has been affected unless you have an ongoing registered disability. If you are in this position then please make an appointment with ENSA Advice or with your Disability Adviser.

EC1 Form: Extenuating Circumstances Form (EC1)

DA1 Form: Deferral Form

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