Registering With A GP

All students should be registered with a doctor or general practitioner. This GP should be based at a surgery in your local area. It’s not always seen as a priority in the rush of Freshers’ Week, but it really is something you should do within your first month as a student.

reg with a doctor

You may be lucky and keep general good health, but that won’t stop you picking up an infection or falling ill over your time here as a student. At this point, you may need treatment, prescription medication and/or a medical certificate to cover your absence from class or an assessment. This needs you to be registered with a GP.

You may also need to switch surgeries if you move around the city as a student. For information on doctors’ surgeries, visit NHS24 and find one in your area.

Dental Treatment

You should register with a dentist as soon as possible. Visit NHS24 to find one in your area. There is a shortage of NHS dentists and it can be difficult to find one willing to accept new patients. The local Health Board should be able to help 0131 537 8444. You may be able to get help towards the costs of NHS dental treatment on the grounds of low income (by completing a HC1 form, available from ENSA Offices at B34, Merchiston).

Medical Emergencies

An emergency is defined as a sudden and acute need for medical help. Only in a case of genuine emergency should you attend the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department of a local hospital. Please don’t go to A&E for minor ailments, or things that can wait until the next day when you can visit your GP. These things are not emergencies.

NHS24 Call 111

The same applies to calling an ambulance. If you really need to get to hospital quickly because you have a genuine medical emergency and you are incapacitated, call an ambulance on 999. Don’t call an ambulance for a minor injury or if your need is not so acute that you can ask a friend to give you a lift, or you can take a bus there.

In Lothian, only the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, The Sick Kids (for under 13s only) and St John’s Livingston have emergency services. The Western General has a Minor Injuries Unit (8am – 9pm only, 7 days a week).