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Excellence Awards - Shortlisted Nominees



Listed below are all of the shortlisted nominees for ENSA's Student-Nominated Excellence Awards. Congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted and for doing your bit to make the student experience at Edinburgh Napier University excellent - the winners will be announced soon!

Since these are student-nominated awards, this year we have decided that rather than having an awards ceremony, the awards should be presented to the winners in classrooms in front of the students! ENSA will be dropping in to classes to surprise the winners over the first week in April.

Best Campus Service:
Cleaning Staff (Merchiston), Counselling and Wellbeing, Enjoy – Catering Staff, Library Staff, iPoint, IS Service Desk.  

Best Non Academic Support Team/Technicians:
David Archibald, Andrew Harvey, Colin Malcolm, Iain MacKay.

Best Programme Representative:
Bailey Brown, Brian MacKay, Celina McTavish, Cynthia Pendergast, Alanah Walker, Finlay Watt

Most Inspiring Student:
Francois Bons, Jessica Bruce, Hugo Diniz, Gary Donaldson, Ester Eriksson, Caitlin Knight, Tomas Novak, Sorcha McLaughlin, Cynthia Pendergast, Allan Smith

Most Inspiring Tutor:
Allan Boughey, Bill Buchanan, Nick Cimini, Inga Heyman, Mark Huxham, Zoe Irvine, Iain McGregor, Fiona McQueen, Eamonn O’Neill, Simon Powers.

Best Academic or PDT for Pastoral Care:
Allan Boughey, Kathryn Hardie, Ahmed Hassanien, Mhari Henderson-Laidlaw, Melanie Kinchant, Pete Laird, Eva Malone, Iain McGregor, Fiona McQueen, Sonja Rueckert, Fiona Stewart.

Best Lecturer/Tutor in Engineering and Built Environment:
Alison Andrews, Kenneth Leitch, Jon Stinson.

Best Lecturer/Tutor in Computing:
Bill Buchanan, Iain McGregor, Andrew Mckelvey, Simon Wells.

Best Lecturer/Tutor in Arts and Creative Industries:
Allan Boughey, Iain Davie, Ian Dunn, Zoe Irvine.

Best Lecturer/Tutor in Applied Sciences:
Nick Cimini, Jay MacKinnon, Gavin Maclean, Fiona McQueen, Giuseppe Maglione, Jacqui Mair, Katrina Morrison

Best Lecturer/Tutor in Health and Social Care:
Gavin Cullen, Kathryn Hardie, Avril Hendry, Inga Heyman, Pamela Logan, Margaret Moran

Best Lecturer/Tutor in the Business School:
Simon Chiu, Lindsay Cole, Ahmad Hassanien, Joan McLatchie, Andy Moffat, Stephen Robertson, Andrew Ross, Hock Tan.