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NUS Scotland Advice on Accommodation Refunds

The Scottish Government announced last month that University students living in private rented accommodation have the right to terminate their contracts early due to coronavirus, giving just 7 days’ notice. Many major accommodation providers have already done the right thing, releasing students from their contracts without penalty without the need for legislation.

This is great progress, however some students have still been left hundreds of pounds out-of-pocket due to not being permitted to end their tenancies earlier by some providers. This money needs to go back to the students it rightfully belongs to, particularly in relation to the Summer SAAS campaigns and the need for student support.

If you moved out and requested to cancel your tenancy earlier, but were denied and still charged rent, NUS Scotland suggest that you:

  • Message providers on social media asking why they aren’t giving students their money back.
  • Take a selfie with a piece of paper showing how much money you have spent on accommodation you haven’t been using, and tag your accommodation provider.
  • Use the NUS Scotland template letter to email these providers asking for a refund.
  • If you fail to get a positive response, go on to review sites and give 1-star reviews for the providers you have stayed with.