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Could You Be a Student Co-President?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what ENSA's elected Student Co-Presidents do on behalf of students? Are you interested in running for one of these posts yourself when applications open early in the new year?

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Student Elections

Could you last longer in office than a lettuce (or recent Prime Minister)? Student leaders are needed for a term of 1 year in session 2023/24, starting July.

If you're going to be graduating this summer and want a job waiting for you when you finish, or would consider taking a year out of your studies to gain some valuable work experience, one of these roles could be perfect for you!

What do ENSA’s Elected Officers do? 

They work hard on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University students – all 20,000 of them! 

All three Officers perform three key roles as:

  1. elected leaders of the student body, representing student concerns to the University;
  2. full time paid staff of the Students’ Association (that’s right; it’s a full-time job!), and
  3. Directors on ENSA’s Board of Directors, responsible for the governance of the Students’ Association.  

Also, all three Officers are involved in a range of activities and events during the year including supporting Freshers’ Week and planning and delivering campaigns. Some recent examples of Officer-led campaigns include: Climate Change Week, Black History Month, Inclusion Day, Feel Fab Feb, Community Pantry and International Women’s Day.

These co-equal posts are full-time, employed positions (for a one-year term) and require those elected to either take a year out of their studies or to take up their role immediately following graduation.

President Societies and Community

The President Societies and Community is the chief representative of the student body and is the primary University contact. Specifically, the President:

  • Works to create a shared sense of identity and belonging among the student body
  • Represents student concerns to university senior management and the university governing body (Court)
  • Promotes and supports student-led societies 
  • Speaks at graduation events
  • Represents the student body in the wider community
  • Serves on the University Court

Find out more about this job.

Co-President Education and Employability

The Co-President for Education and Employability represents the student body on matters related to academic experience and employability. Specifically, the Co-President Education and Employability: 

  • Campaigns to improve the quality of the academic experience
  • Serves on high-level university committees to ensure the student voice is represented in the development of academic policy and practice
  • Promotes student engagement by members in their own learning and teaching experience
  • Convenes the Programme Representatives’ Forums at each of the three campuses

Find out more about this job.

Co-President Sport and Wellbeing

The Co-President for Sport and Wellbeing is the primary representative for all things sport and student health and wellbeing. Specifically, the Co-President for Sport and Wellbeing:

  • Promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of students
  • Campaigns on improving student safety and health
  • Ensures the University is committed to sport and wellbeing through its strategies, including its estates strategy
  • Convenes the Sports Forum
  • Contributes to the organisation of sports events, such as Varsity 
  • Serves on the University Court

Find out more about this job.

These 3 roles are ideal for anyone who wants to develop key skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership: to influence and inspire others to achieve a goal
  • Reliability: to be trusted to complete tasks on time and help others as necessary
  • Self-Awareness: to reflect on your values, interests and abilities and understand how they shape your actions
  • Teamwork: to collaborate with others to reach a common aim
  • Communication: to write, listen, speak and present information to others in a clear way
  • Representation: to be concerned about the needs of others and act on their behalf to influence positive change
  • Governance: to contribute to the strategic leadership of both ENSA and the University

Salary: £20,500 per annum

Annual leave: 38 days over the year (including 10 days when ENSA’s offices are closed)

Hours:  36.25 hours a week / 7 ¼ hours per day

Location: ENSA’s main office is in room B34 at the Merchiston Campus. Officers will have a desk at Merchiston and will be expected to be out and about regularly at the three campuses to maintain visibility and interact with the student body.

Term of office: If you are elected by the student body in the March 2023 elections, your term will be from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. (You will take a sabbatical – that is, a one-year break – from your studies in full agreement with the University). You can also run for a second term, if you wish.

What if I’m an international student? No problem.  If you are elected, the Visa & International Team will support you by liaising with the Home Office on your behalf.

How do I get started? Download our Elections Information Pack to find out how to complete your application form.

When do applications open? From Monday 23 January until Tues 21 February at 12 noon.


If you’d like a confidential chat about any of the roles above or how the election process works, please contact



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