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Hello, we are the Edinburgh Napier Anime Society! If you are interested in anime, manga, and or cosplay, along with other related media, and if you are interested in meeting like-minded people, then this is the Society for you.

Not quite sure what those three words (anime, manga and cosplay) mean?

Anime is a word which describes Japanese animation, usually 2-D animation. Anime tends to be made in a certain style that is based on manga, which are Japanese comic books. Cosplay is the activity of dressing up as various characters from various books, films and series, such as anime series and/or manga.

We have weekly meetings where we watch different anime series, and do other anime-related activities, such as quizzes and competitions cosplay events, and even making our own Vlog about the episodes we've been watching! 

As well as watching anime episodes, we might watch anime films, sometimes we even watch live action films based on anime!  If you’re interested in Manga and art we will be having annual workshops on the creation of manga and art-books (doujinshi).

Outside of our regular meetings, we also have extra social meet-ups, and we’ve got many special events planned if you want to try something exciting you may have never tried before (such as a lock-in in a manga shop, or a joint meeting with the Video Gaming Society to play Japanese video games!).

We like to think that we're making anime-watching and manga-reading, which are normally seen as "alone" activities, as being more social, with active discussion about the anime series we watch and the manga we read (along with discussion about Japanese media in general, including computer games). We are also willing to debate the cultural significance of anime and manga, and break down any stigma that has arisen because of anime and manga.

Not keen on certain aspects of anime but enjoy others? Feel free to debate why during any of our meetings, and we can discuss the important things.

Whether you’re new to anime, or whether you’re an otaku, there’ll be something in this Society for you!


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