Student Council

student-councilStudent Council is ENSA’s main forum for discussing student issues and ideas for making policy, and for ENSA’s Executive to consult you and get your views on what’s going on. We sometimes have guest speakers and question & answer sessions. Meetings are open to all Edinburgh Napier University students and Programme Reps have voting rights.

There are also a range of informal forums to cater for our wide student demographic – nurses and midwives, students with disabilities, direct entrant students, international students, students with children, lesbian gay bi and transsexual (+) students and so on.

If there is not already a forum for you and you want to start one up, email at ENSA and they will do what they can to help you.

Next student council: Wednesday 7 November

Ankit Duggal
VP Reps and Volunteers
VP Reps and Volunteers

Ankit is ENSA’s Vice President Reps & Volunteers. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to being a rep, campaigns or volunteering, contact Ankit and he will tell you all you need to know.

Email Ankit