Society Committees & AGMs

Society Committees

Each Society is run by a Committee of elected students called Office Holders. There must be a minimum of three Office Holders; President, Secretary, and Treasurer. You can add additional Office Holders if you have the need (see ‘Office Holder Roles’).

Office Holders are elected to serve a one year term. All Office Holders retire at the end of the academic year, but they can put themselves forward for election again. Any currently matriculated ENU student member of a Society can stand for election to a Committee position, and it is the current Committee’s responsibility to arrange a fair election process.


What is an AGM?

  • AGM stans for Annual General Meeting. As the name suggests they happen once a year and are open to all Society members.
  • Elections for the Office Holders who will run the Society next academic year are held at an AGM.
  • Current Office Holders should use the AGM to make a report on Society finances to the membership.
  • The AGM can also be a time to reflect on the year as a group, and discuss plans and ideas for next year.

When should an AGM occur?

  • AGMs should take place around March/April each year.
  • The AGM should be advertised to all Society members two weeks in advance of the meeting date.
  • All AGMs must be conducted by the end of Trimester 2.

What do Societies need to do before the AGM?

  • The current Committee should get together to decide when to hold it and what should be discussed.
  • Book a meeting room and inform members and ENSA of the time, day and location of the AGM.
  • Circulate details about the Office Holder roles to the members so they can think about putting themselves forward for election.
  • Circulate an agenda for the meeting which details what will be discussed.

How does a Society election work?

  • Each Society can decide how it wants to run an election. The Office Holders should choose which method to use - some examples are private paper ballots, a show of hands, or online voting.
  • An election can use different voting methods, and Office Holders may want to read up on different methods like majority rule, first-past-the-post, alternative vote, or two-thirds majority rule as used by the Night's Watch of Westeros.
  • Only Society members who will be current ENU students in the following academic year can stand for an elected position.
  • Only current ENU student members are eligible to vote.
  • ENSA can attend your AGM to ensure a fair voting process if needed.
  • You can ask members to put themselves forward for election before and/or during the AGM.
  • Election candiates should be given the opportunity to address the membership before voting, or can submit a written statement if not able to attend in person.
  • In the event that an Office Holder position is uncontensted (i.e. only one person stands for election), it is possible to put an option on the ballot to 'Re-open Nominations' (or RON for short) so that members can voice their disatisfaction with the lack of voting options. If RON wins the vote, the Society must allow other members to put themselves forward for election, even if this means delaying the vote.

What do Societies need to do after the AGM?

  • Outgoing Office Holders should arrange a handover meeting with the new Office Holder in their position to pass on invaluable knowledge and experience.
  • The new Committee should complete and submit a Society Continuation Pack  and email it to


Society Office Holders are volunteering to give up their time to set up, organise and develop Societies and ENSA is here to help students gain maximum benefit from this experience. Find out about further volunteering opportunities here.

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President for Societies & Community
President Societies Community

Olumuyiwa is ENSA’s President for Societies & Community. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Olumuyiwa and he will tell you all you need to know.

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