Creating a Development Plan

The best starting place when looking at development plans, is to re-read the Society’s mission statement and aims & objectives. What is the Society set up to do?

When planning, really do aim high – why not look at other University societies for inspiration, or arrange a meeting with the President for Societies and Community to discuss your goals.


All Societies need members to run successfully, so think about how to attract members. How will you sell your Society? Who do you want to target with your promotion? Do you want a special welcome event or ‘give it a go’ session at the start of the year? How will you attract new members throughout the year?

Events & trips

Why not look into fun social events to foster a sense of team spirit? How about a special event that your members can get involved with planning? Why not organise a trip for your group – this could be as simple as visiting an attraction in Edinburgh or as elaborate as a week abroad.


This is where budgeting comes in too. Your membership fee should ideally be set at a price reflective of the things you offer your student members. You should aim to cover your regular running costs through membership fees, so be realistic about how many members you might sign up – when budgeting it’s better to underestimate numbers and have a surplus, than to overestimate and not have sufficient funds.

A Society can apply for additional strategic funding from ENSA after it has been affiliated to ENSA for one calendar year.

Handover pack

Your development plan and approximate yearly budget form part of the Society Continuation Pack each new Committee submits in the spring. ENSA provides support to Societies to implement the plan.  .

You should keep a copy of your Society Continuation Pack somewhere convenient to refer back to throughout the year and check that your development plan is being put in place.






Olumuyiwa Opaleye
President for Societies & Community
President Societies Community

Olumuyiwa is ENSA’s President for Societies & Community. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Olumuyiwa and he will tell you all you need to know.

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