Office Holder Roles

These are ENSA’s suggested role descriptions for each Office Holder position, along with some suggestions for supplementary roles should they be required.


  • Act as figurehead for the Society, representing it to external bodies such as the University, the press or local businesses
  • Principle communicator to ENSA and vice versa
  • Has oversight of the workings of the Society and Committee, including knowing what each Office Holder does and how this fits into the Society’s development plan
  • Engages membership and gets them involved in activities
  • Drives development and promotion of the Society
  • Has an understanding of Society finances
  • Able to support other Office Holders in their roles
  • Acts as convenor at Committee or Society meetings
  • Encourages students to sign-up as members on the ENSA website


  • In charge of the Society calendar – e.g. arranging meetings, working out when is best to hold socials or events, making sure Committee meetings are regular
  • Calls Committee meetings and AGMs/EGMs – i.e. communicates the time and date to all members
  • Collates agendas for meetings, preferably circulating these to all attendees in advance
  • Takes meeting minutes and stores these in an accessible place
  • Logistical support – e.g. booking rooms or transport via ENSA reception, working out the details of trips, booking equipment or catering for events
  • Arranging to take nominations and hosting elections of new Office Holders at AGM
  • Makes sure Society documentation and information is current – e.g. up to date meeting times on ENSA website and Facebook
  • Keeps an inventory of Society assets and equipment


  • Responsible for overseeing spending according to the Society budget
  • Authorises Society spending in accordance with the agreed budget
  • Brings invoices/receipts to ENSA
  • Writes funding and sponsorship applications
  • Obtains quotes for equipment or services as required
  • Keeps track of all Society income, including taking responsibility for cash and paying this into the Society membership account at ENSA
  • Maintains budgetary spreadsheets to keep on top of finances
  • Reports on Society finances at Committee meetings and advises on spending
  • Brings sponsorship deals to the VP Sports & Societies for approval

Additional Office Holders

Some Societies find it useful to have additional Office Holders. These can vary depending upon the Society’s purpose but you can think about the following questions:

  • Is there a job that always falls through the cracks?
  • Is everyone too busy to produce a poster for your event?
  • Do you need someone who is solely dedicated to fundraising?
  • Would you like to put on a big event at the end of the year but need someone to lead on it?
  • Do you have equipment that needs training to operate and maintain?
  • Are Society emails being left unanswered for weeks on end?

Examples of additional Office Holder roles are:

Social Media Officer

  • Keep social media accounts current and active
  • Creates Facebook events
  • Uploads and shares videos and images to social media
  • Builds Society’s online presence and network

Equipment Officer

  • Maintains inventory of Society equipment
  • Regularly checks equipment is in good working order
  • Sources new equipment
  • Trains Society members in how to operate specialist items

Social Secretary

  • Organises socials and encourages members to attend
  • Arranges Society merchandise and promotion
  • Thinks of different ways to engage students and make their experience enjoyable
  • Plans end of trimester/year events

Events Co-ordinator

  • Creates events calendars for the Society
  • Works on event logistics such as venue bookings, décor, entertainment, etc.
  • Responsible for marketing and publicity of events
  • Produces event budgets for the Committee to approve

Georgia Moran
VP Sports & Societies
VP Sports and Societies

Georgia is ENSA’s Vice President Sports & Societies. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to sports clubs and societies at Edinburgh Napier, contact Georgia and she will tell you all you need to know.

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