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Office Holders are the foundation of Sport Clubs and Societies at ENSA, volunteering their time and energy to create sustainable, successful groups for the benefit of their fellow students. 

Every Sports Club and Society will have a President, Secretary and Treasurer, but additional Office Holders are welcome to take part in the Student Development Programme too. As there are such a wide range of duties an Office Holder might undertake, we're happy to be somewhat flexible with the Office Holder pathway if you have alternate suggestions for how you could fulfil the green or blue stages of the pathway.

Office Holder Pathway

Pathway Stages Explained

As an Office Holder you may have attended Sport or Society training which will count as your role induction. If you were not able to attend such training we can arrange a role induction for you if you contact us.

Sport and Society Forums are held at least once in Trimesters 1 & 2 and are open to all Office Holders to attend. The Forum is hosted by the VP Sports & Societies and is a chance for Office Holders to get together and discuss relevant matters.

There are a number of workshops or courses that we offer which will help you develop your skills in certain areas. These workshops are organised around 8 key skill areas and are there for your personal and professional development.

                           Read more about the 8 key skills here 

                           Sign up for workshops or courses on the Training page in the Student Development                                  Programme drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

ENSA staff are here to help your Sports Club or Society develop, whether that be to win a league, to raise more money, to increase membership, or host an international conference! We want to meet with you to help plan for the future. Contact us to                                       arrange a meeting or pop into the ENSA Office (B34 Merchiston).


Some Office Holders may not find a development meeting useful. In this case you should keep a thorough log of your duties and the tasks you undertake to demonstrate what you have achieved while being an Office Holder. 

                           For a Social Secretary this could be a record of all the socials you've arranged, what                                  logistics there were to consider, and perhaps a report after the event or some                                            photos. For a Social Media Officer this could be an online marketing strategy with                                    reflections about sucessful posts and tactics. The format of the log is up to you,                                        but ENSA staff will request to see it before signing off your pathway.

Reflective practice simply means thinking about your actions and experiences to draw unconscious thoughts and feelings into the open. You should use the VBase logging tool to record the skills you develop while performing your role, with practical                                           examples to illustrate this.

                           Read our guide to Reflective Practice here. You can download anything you add to                                your VBase record for use in the future when writing a C.V. or preparing for a job                                      interview. Download your Volunteer Record here.



Hannah Markley
VP Reps and Volunteers
VP Reps and Volunteers

Hannah is ENSA’s Vice President Reps & Volunteers. If you need any information or advice about anything relating to being a rep, campaigns or volunteering, contact Hannah and she will tell you all you need to know.

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