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LGBTQ+ History Month Log Books Chat

Thursday 25 February 2021
4pm - 4:30pm
Online webinar

Listen to The Log Books podcast and join us for a discussion on LGBTQ+ gender identity and sexuality. 

What if you could glimpse into LGBTQ+ life from decades ago? The Log Books is an award-winning history of LGBTQ+ life in Britain as noted by volunteers at the helpline Switchboard.

Each episode of this podcast series centres around log book entries made by the volunteers who staffed the phones from the charity’s very first day in 1974.

Join us on the 25th of February to celebrate LGBTQ+ history month by having a chat about the Log Books podcast:

The episode that we have chosen to listen to and discuss is episode 10 from season 2: 'A Crude Form Of Censorship'. Here's what it's about: "After a gay bookshop was raided by customs officers in 1984, the booksellers fought back. This is the story of censorship and community solidarity, and it is not the only one in this episode. Tash and Adam explore the actions of the British state to stop people from seeing things that were considered obscene in the 80s. We also feature a story from people whose magazines and posters were seized, and Adam even sings a song." 

Everyone welcome but be midful that it's a safe space!

You will be able to join this discussion on Webex using this link.



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