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Food Pairing

Food Pairing

Thursday 30 March 2017
7pm - 10pm
Moriarty Bar (Downstairs), 161 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh, EH3 9AA

The Edinburgh Napier University Whisky Society's events are a steal - they're educational, friendly communities that help you get a real grasp of Scottish culture and the whisky phenomenon that is spread all across the world. Whether it's the first time you'll try whisky or just one of many opportunities, you're highly encouraged to come.

Leave any misconceptions at the door and experience the event only as it is. You'll find that you're pleasantly surprised about how welcoming the community is and how much fun you can have bonding over a dram. Every meeting you'll taste and nose five different distinct flavours and involve yourself you our rich society culture. Meet Winston our mascot, discover the truth behind our monkey/chimp rating scale and become part of the history of the community!

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