Yello Workshops


‘Practical into practice’

What is YELLO?

YELLO (Your Employability & Leadership Learning Opportunities) is a development pathway to enhance your personal and professional development and improve your future prospects and employability.

Who should attend?

YELLO Workshops are open to all students and are free to attend.

What’s covered?

YELLO Workshops offer a wide range of training opportunities which focus on developing skills such as:

  • entrepreneurship
  • communication
  • networking
  • problem solving
  • decision making
  • team building
  • leadership
  • presentation
  • public speaking
  • business talks
  • science talks
  • industry talks

The workshops also encourage participants to share their knowledge, experience and ideas and are great networking opportunities.

Who delivers the workshops?

The workshops are delivered by professionals from the within the external communities. All learning materials are provided and all participants will receive a certificate of completion. You can choose to attend one or more workshops and create your own learning development pathway.

Above: Team Yello - a group of student volunteers helping to promote the workshops on campus

Past events:


Love Wednesdays - The Official Student Wednesday

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