Trustee Opportunities

What is a Trustee?

All charities in the UK are governed by a board of trustees. Trustees are responsible for making sure the charity is meeting it's aims and objectives and that it is being run successfully. They are the leaders of the charity.

Trustees themselves are volunteers, dedicating around 2 hours per month to their charity. Trustees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professionally and personally, and your skills and perspective could be just what a board is looking for.

You can find out more about what being a trustee entails here.

How do I become a Trustee?

There are a number of places you can search for trustee opportunities. Certain opportunities might ask for specific knowledge or experience in a particular sector, and you will likely need to submit a CV when applying.

Explore the links below to browse current trustee opportunities:

The Small Charities Coalition 
Scottish Sports Association
Volunteer Edinburgh 
Career Volunteer

Why become a Trustee?

  1. Opportunity to acquire and develop new skills
  2. Put your skills and experience to use
  3. Learn about the management and strategy side of charities
  4. With a small time commitment, it’s the perfect volunteering opportunity for busy people
  5. Work with new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds
  6. For some students, often mature students, trustee positions give valuable evidence of the transferable nature of their personal skills and attributes

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VP Reps and Volunteers

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